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We give you, the music professional, the online social proof you need and deserve!

About Us
We are an online marketing studio that ACTUALLY provides REAL social proof to music artists, entertainers and online music marketers to KICKSTART and BOOST social media marketing efforts. Not in the music industry? No problem, 25% of our customer also online marketers across dozens of industries. We don't discriminate.

Our prices are among the most affordable and quality is always top notch…and we offer a money back service guarantee. Most people purchase an average of 3 to 5 packages, and some have purchased over 50 packages. We give love and we get it back.

We top it off with 24/7 customer support. This means we answer your emails, pick up your phone calls and answer your online chats…when it's convenient for you.

We really don't mess around. If you want more fame, more credibility and need to get your music career launched, you are our perfect customer! We understand the struggles of getting views to Youtube videos, Twitter Followers, Facebook Likes and Soundcloud tracks.

Have you tried Tumblr to push your tracks? It's full of music lovers looking for new music. Check it out, we also offer kickstart packages for Tumblr Followers.

You may have seen similar services online but we are different. We are the leading provider of social media street cred since 2009 for so many reasons.